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Quality Assurance System

From the long past, the company is all along the strategy of ¡°Continue to upgrade the product quality and produce fine and superior quality product¡±. In order to realize the target and implement quality management system, we strictly follow the international standard, ISO 9000 quality assurance system and other regulation, we organized a ¡°ISO9000 Executing Committee¡±. By virtue of GB/T19004, we have promoted the international standard knowledge to all company and make quality and operation skill training to the staff regularly to ensure the quality inspection ability of the quality control personnel. From the raw material to the end product, we strictly control our production to eliminate the possibility to allow the unqualified product to the next process, to make sure that the product meet our customer¡¯s required quality standard. First satisfy us, therefore customers.
Our management principle of executing international standard is focusing on the customers, correctly play the role of the leader, all staff are actively involved in the management, use the process methodology and quality assurance system to deal with daily work to reach double win with suppliers.
The complete quality assurance system of the company assures the quality of its product, it also wins a good reputation in the world market for the company, establish the customers and partners. Hampton USA and Gibson have nominated our company as permanent supplier in China for its west kitchen ware. The company got the name of ¡°Best Cooperation Partner¡± of Gibson in 2001. We were accepted by AJA of British to comply with ISO 9000 quality assurance system in March, 2002, and have passed the second inspection. Also we are accepted by ITS and WAL-MART as qualified supplier.
As an enterprise, we should continue to increase the quality to be more competence. We will not be satisfied with our accomplishment in the past, will continue to analysis ourselves, and make progress through study the advanced technology and management theory from both domestic and abroad. We will gain the advantages from others and surpass ourselves, make better and better product.
There will be a long way to run and many difficulties to face, we will start now as a new beginning.
We will enhance our management based on the existing condition and develop with the time to produce more and better product for our customers.